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Putting Out Fires On the Nicaraguan Border

A Beautiful Sense of Humor

I publish the following from my favorite Costa Rican message board after I observed the following 2 days ago:
From today:
"Border Road Inaugurated and May One Day Be Finished

Ruta 1856, the border road constructed parallel to the south banks of the San Juan river, was made official by presidenta Laura Chinchilla in a ceremony Friday morning.  The new road, named Juan Rafael Mora Porras, was constructed by the government to bring development to the northern part of the country and protect from a Nicaraguan invasion of the area, runs from PeƱas Blancas, to the town of Aldea de Sarapiqui and eventually to Los Chiles, another 150 kilometres away."

A route # 1856 and a road named Mora!
Tica in her yard

Laura Chinchilla now goes down as the President with the finest sense of humor in history . . . but you may need a little history for the perspective.  1856 was the battle of Santa Rosa and the defeat of Nicaraguan forces under Generalissimo Nutjob AKA William Walker.  President Mora being the President of Costa Rica at the time.

Last week President Laura sent 14 unarmed firefighters to the often soggy sodden border as a response to Nicaraguan military occupation of 1/2 an island to "put out any fires". Another piece of perfect irony.  I just hope Ortega and shark fisher Commandante Zero got the joke :-))  Captain Zero (more history) was the Sandinista code name for the now retired shark fisherman (and Sandinista revolutionary) who lead the idiot brigade of Nicaraguans to take the land.  Life is too short to be shot at.
For those not familiar with a strange period of definitive Costa Rican history, William Walker was an over achieving crazy American who took over Nicaragua with a force of maybe 150 armed filibusteros and then decided to unite the central American states into a slaving confederacy.  He attacked Costa Rica in 1856 as head of the Nicaraguan army and was repulsed by a force of peasant militia assembled by President Mora of Costa Rica who then chased him back to Nicaragua.

The messages continued:
When I read that about her sending "firefighters" to the troubled north border; I thought I must be missing something .... firefighters?  As in firemen?  Or as in armed police or such that would engage in "fire fights"? with the opposing forces?

So they are just plain and simple fire department type "fire fighters"?  Do they have some special high-pressure fire fighting equipment issued that will blast someone back a few hundred feet .... ?

Do not understand the rational of fire fighters ....

Do not understand the rational of fire fighters ....

I'm guessing that she wants a non-military, non-threatening presence on the island so Daniel won't send people in to occupy it from Nicaragua again and if he does so, it would be an obvious act of aggression on his part that CR could take to the international courts.
Do not understand the rational of fire fighters ....

Costa Ricans have an advanced sense of humor IMHO . . . it's perfect irony (the finest of all the humor varieties). The fire people (men and women I believe) are there to put out allegorical fires not real ones. Otherwise she'd have given them firemens helmets not smokey hats. You see the connection to smokey the bear.

The fire remains allegorical as Laura is really saying . . . you give me rock and I'll give you paper (as in rock/paper scissors game). Nicaragua hoped CR might elevate the thing enough by throwing rocks back and stirring international incidents to keep people focused away from the stolen elections, mock judiciary and such.

Now CR has ratcheted up the whole joke with a strange and funny escalation (1856/Mora) with a giant finger and a huge smile a la tica. If more countries sent fire fighters to respond to international incidents can you imagine how things might be?

I forget the exact words on the plaque at Santa Rosa but something along the lines "they shall never pass again". It all fits.

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